How can we help? Advanced support is just a call away

Our Commitment

We're committed to providing a range of support services to work around you. We strive to resolve issues before they affect service, and deliver support. If you require assistance or further information regarding your Advanced product, and have an existing support agreement in place with Advanced, details on the ways in which you can contact support are provided below.

Before Contacting Support

To make the most out of Advanced support, and to ensure the quickest response time possible, please ensure you are able to answer the following questions:

  • Which Advanced product does your query relate to?
  • What version of the product are you currently running?
  • On which operating system is your Advanced product running on, including the version? Does your problem occur every time or periodically?
  • Is this a new problem, or has it always occurred?
  • If it is new, has anything else changed in your environment that could be affecting the Advanced product?
  • Are you able to provide Advanced with the steps required to reproduce the error themselves?
  • When you call support, please ensure that you have as much of the above information as possible.

Advanced US Support can be contacted via phone at:

Advanced US Main 770-933-1965, select option 4 (Toll Free 866-236-5955) Advanced Document Management US Main 678-903-0396, select option 4 (Toll Free 888-849-8168)